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Jock! America x Shy! Nerd! Reader- My Superhero
                                 *~*~Your POV*~*~
       'Really!?' You thought as you looked at the kids scrambling into the buses.
       Some rich popular girl wanted to go to the mall. So she had begged her daddy to go. He didn't want her to go alone, so he gave the school money to bring everyone in the school to go to the mall...
       She only wanted Alfred Jones to go with her, the most popular guy in school. So she stood by him... literally, they haven't been less than three feet apart all day. She obviously liked him, but he had such a thick skull, you could never tell what he was thinking about... if he thought at all...
       "Hey, Nerd!" Called one of your classmates, you knew exactly who it was, (Bully Name).
       You instantly turned around, wishing you stayed home, everything would be
:iconrosesfallwhite:Rosesfallwhite 168 16
Seven minutes in Heaven-America
"So who'd ya get?" Alfred asked. You stared at the glasses you held in your hand.
"I got you..." You said, looking up at the american. You had to admit, he looked better without his glasses on. He was wearing a black, skin tight shirt and navy skinny jeans with cowboy boots which made you smile. He looked at you in surprise.
"Oh...Cool! You get time with the hero!!" Alfred yelled. He seemed to have gotten over his sudden shock, but you still hadn't.
"Y-Yeah...Cool." You muttered as you watched your feet leave the ground, before realising Alfred was actually carrying you to the closet. This made you blush.
"I can walk you know!" You said just as you got to the closet. Before you knew it, it was pitch black and you were almost face to face with the 'hero'. He smelt strongly of coffee and Linx. You usually hated the smell of Linx, boys would spray half a can on each time, but Alfred seemed to have sprayed the perfect amount on, and it was the chocolate one too. That made him smell even be
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 654 232
Nya~? (Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Chapter 15
“She’s asleep.”
“She was supposed to help me, yes!”
“Should we really wake her up?”
“Mr. Sebastian said so, he’s really mad at her!”
“I wouldn’t want Y/n to get into more trouble. That’d be terrible, yes it would!”
“But look at the poor thing, she looks so tired.”
“We still have to wake her up.”
“Ughh, fine. But you do it.”
“Me?! Why me?! I don’t want Y/n to hit me!”
“Well I sure as bloody hell aint doing it! Mey-Rin, you do it!”
“Ehhh!? But she’s scary when she wakes up, yes she is!”
“Come on Finny, at least if she hits you you’ll be able to take it.”
“But, I don’t want to!”
“Take one for the team!”
“Please Finny?”
“..Oh alright…”
….. Poke.
“She moved, yes she did!&
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 265 173
Green (Fem!Spain X Male!Suicidal!Reader)
(Name) gave a groan of pain as he collapsed to the floor, blood spilling from his wrist, making the wooden floor beneath him be stained with red. He turned his beautiful (e/c) eyes towards the cause of the deep cuts, a now bloodied green razor that rested innocently in his hands... Green. Just like her eyes. The male stared at the object though her eyes was all he was seeing in his mind. Emerald orbs that would be shining with tears if she saw him in this state, her normal smile would drop to a frown that made (Name)'s heart break. No doubt she'd be on her phone, a tomato charm that (Name) had given her hanging limply as she spoke to 911. Her chocolate brown hair escaping the bun she usually put it in as the Spanish girl would be shaking her head in distress. Carmen was her name, Carmen Carriedo, the girl (Name) loves. The (h/c) boy decided to think back, to dive into memories as he waited for his death or someone to find him. Maybe Carmen or even her step-brother or Julchen and Franci
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 259 96
EnglandxReader: Family Mornings
You smiled as you sat up in bed. Pulling the sheets closer to your body you looked over at your sleeping husband. He was snoring. Mouth hanging open, drooling on the pillow.
Brushing a bit of hair out of his face you leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. You always got up this early to make him tea and breakfast before he woke up. Slipping out of bed you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.
He was trying to pull you back in his sleep. Gingerly you disentangled his arms from you and slipped on your bathrobe.
You made him his tea and some eggs and toast.
“Mama,” a little voice from the kitchen whispered. You turned to see Matthew.
“What is it baby?”
Matthew was holding his toy bear to his chest, “I’m hungry…can we have pancakes?”
You shook your head, “How about toast?”
The ten year old sighed, but nodded and sat at the kitchen table rubbing his eyes.
A few mintues later rapid footsteps were heard, “MA!”
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 918 143
Depressed! Canada X Neko! Reader (Part3)
You felt yourself being pulled out of a peaceful sleep. Out of a nearby window, you could see that the sun was already up and shining.
"I don't wanna wake up just yet, maybe I can just cuddle with Mattie a bit longer..." you thought.
Matthew was still sleeping comfortably underneath you. His strong arms wrapped around your body like a teddy bear.
Out of instinct,  you raised your hand to rub your eyes.
Your face buried itself into the crook of your owner's neck as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.
      ~~~~¤Matthew's P.O.V¤~~~~
I felt (y/n) bury her face into my neck. She placed her arms around my shoulders and rested there.
....Something about this isn't right...
I open my purple eyes and almost scream.
Instead of seeing my adorable (h/c) furry cat, I see a young woman with strange cat ears on top of her (h/c) hair...
I take off the bed sheets and try to slowly escape. I stop to examine the cat tail lightly flicking back and forth. A
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 20 13
England X Chubby!Reader ~ Summertime Sadness
England X Chubby!Reader ~ Summertime Sadness
With a happy sigh Arthur tucked his hand into yours, the fingers interweaving and knitting intimately together. Certainly you were on the bigger side but that meant there was more for him to love and hold at night. The pair of you walked across the sand, feet sinking into the sand with each step. He gently bumped his shoulder against yours causing you to let out a small giggle. Your t-shirt and shorts moved with the breeze moving through the beach. He was so blessed to have you in his life, even more so to be dating you. You were filled to the brim with an ethereal inner beauty that drew him in the moment he set eyes on you but that light was faded today. There was something off with the way that you had been acting since you got here.
You were withdrawn and slow to react to questions. Even when you did realize you were being asked something your answers were vague and occasionally unrelated.
Perhaps Alfred would know Arthur thought a
:icondigifan01:Digifan01 111 15
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader 4
   The woman stared at the young child with a maddening glare. And yet, there were tears forming in her (e/c) eyes. She didn't understand why she was so reluctant to do this, she's done this before. Why would this girl be any different?
   Frantic running could be heard from the room across. And (Y/n)'s eyes widened. Ivan must have heard Natalia's sobs.
   She stole one more look at the whimpering child in her grasp. Natalia wasn't struggling anymore,  she simply lost all hope and was now sobbing hot tears onto The Woman's hand.
   (Y/n) took the mini gun in her hand, and forcibly smashed it on Natalia's temple. There was enough power, to knock her out, and hopefully lose her memory. But not enough to kill the small girl.
   Blood began to pour from the child's head.
   The Woman swiftly ran to a window, unlatched it, and jumped out just in time. The two story jump was no longer hard to cover, after years of practice it w
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 191 64
Mature content
Demon!PrussiaX???Reader: Preview :iconmasterofdice:MasterofDice 30 10
La Doncella (Knight!Spain x Reader)
Today was the big day.
Despite the abundance of banners, garlands, confetti and all manner of celebratory decoration about the village, the atmosphere was not a pleasant one. Tables stood groaning with the momentous weight of food stacked high atop them, the very best that the village had to offer. Not a bit of it had yet to be eaten. The air of fear about the place gave even these cheery accessories an uncomfortable edge, like the very air was turning it poisonous. Sour, like bad milk. Even the dazzling rays of the rising sun do nothing to dissipate the tension.
You, you are sweetly oblivious.
Mainly because you've been stuffed to the gills sweet wine and peculiar herbs.
Hazy motes of dust fluttered carelessly above you, a beam of sun pouring in through the window. To you, the dust looked like shredded feathers and if only your limbs had not felt so heavy, you would reach out, and grab one.
But of course, all you did was lie there, gazing mindlessly up at the square of light as though
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 323 45
The Promise of Blossoms (God!Japan x Reader)
A single coin is enough to change everything.
From his vantage point, Kiku observes your trembling form with a dispassionate expression, mouth set in a thin line. Despair comes off you in clouds, as if you are exuding your own personal perfume. Your eyes follow the journey of the coin as it disappeared into the altar with a satisfying sound to confirm its landing before you begin, staring at the floor.
The beg jolts the young God, so acute is the loss withheld in your shaking form.
"I know what is done cannot be changed..." you begin, speaking in a quavering voice, tears spilling down your face like rain.”...But I beg for your help. My- my mother was all I had le-left in this world. Now she has joined you, I am alone..."
You stop here, though Kiku instinctively knows you are not done, sobs cut off your ability to speak. It is all you can do to stop yourself from choking, your face screwed up in pain as tears literally splash onto the stone floor. Were you a Goddess, K
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 607 152
Lightning Catcher (Japan x Reader)
Another flash illuminated the sky, and you grinned at the thick, shining raindrops that fell from the guttering of the roof before joining its brethren, the rain falling so hard to the ground it splashed back upwards before succumbing to gravity. You cocked your head, listening impatiently over the continuous thrumming of the rain. There it was- thunder, rumbling across the sky like the growl of a giant, unseen creature. The outside air smelled fantastic as you inhaled sharply from your precarious position, perched on the windowsill. Rain on previously dry was hard to describe.
You heard the inquiry, followed by your name, and glanced behind you.
"Hey, you." you grinned at Kiku. "You managed to get home in this downpour reasonably early. Nice!"
"Ah, yes. I managed to avoid most of the traffic." Kiku nodded, a tiny smile flickering at the corners of his mouth.
For a moment, the two of you sat there, comfortable in each other's presence not to talk. With the backdrop
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 114 39
AxisXChild!Reader Join The Axis?
The time, was World War 2!
"You git!! Let me go this instant!!"
The blond roughly shook the small child and growled in her face. "You insolent brat! How dare you talk to me that way?!"
The child glared. "Because I can!! I don't care if you are my older brother!! In the name of Brita-"
He slapped the child across the face. "Don't you dare say her name!! You aren't worthy to share her blood!!"
The child spat at him. "I will say her name however I want!! She was my mother too!!"
The blond ground his teeth. He picked the child up, despite her squirming. He walked over to a crate of flour that was supposed to be sent out, but he found a better use for it. He dropped the young girl inside the crate and closed the top up tight.
"H-hey!! You bastard!! Let me out right now!!" the child cried.
"I think not. Get it through your head, (C/N), I am at war. I don't have time to look after a territory like you.
"I am not a territory!! I am a country and you know it!!!"
"Die for all I care."
:iconmangafan23:mangafan23 1,079 551
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
A/N- Yep… you bet… XD
I couldn’t help myself and it kinda seems what Japan would do… KINDA.
Warning- Kinda dirty references here. X’D ...More like really. XD I regret nothing. Absolutely nothing. X'D
    Alfred was going over to Kiku’s for a surprise visit. Without even knocking or alerting Kiku to his presence, he entered Kiku’s Japanese styled house and stalked through the halls. Expecting nothing to be out of the ordinary, he was shocked when he heard two laughs, followed by a light masculine and Japanese accented voice.
    “Hai, Hai. Ret’s see… Ah, I’ve got one! ‘You’re the only dirty thing I rike.’ Can you guess?” A feminine chuckle bounced off the walls and entered Alfred’s ears as he stopped walking
:iconshadowrealm666:ShadowRealm666 614 343
South Korea x Reader - Pray For

A tribute to the Sewol victims and their friends and families in South Korea.
Links and information can be found in the description.
Stay strong.

"Yong Soo... Yong Soo, please, you have to eat..."
The words that left your mouth coated in the desperate sound of your voice seemed to have no effect on the Korean man, for instead it seemed to mingle together with the hundreds of unheard screams and grief-stricken wails that lingered and echoed in the confines of his mind. Your voice was nothing but another bruise to his already battered state, tearing open the still fresh wound.
You eyed him for a response, for anything – maybe a small movement, such as a slight perk of his ears or a subtle twitch – anything to let you know that he'd acknowledged your words, but there he remained, hunched over on the couch like a statue with his face buried in his palms.
"Yong Soo..." His name was constantly uttered by you, more often than not being said in every sentence as you approac
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 236 120
Impress Me [Belarus x Male!Reader]
Natalya's POV:
Once again, you were waiting for your big brother to come home. All you wanted was his care and attention. He always seemed to avoid you, but that will all change...
"Natalya? Ivan is here." Yakaterina said softly, knocking on the door of your room. You quickly opened the door. "Does this outfit look okay?" You asked your sister. "You look... good." She laughed nervously. "It's not like you normally wear light coloured clothes." She placed a hand on your shoulder and smiled. "I'm sure they'll love it."
"They'll love it?" You glared at Yakaterina.
"Just come with me..." She said as she dragged you along with her. You heard Ivan talking to someone in the living room. He was with someone, whose voice you were not familiar with.
"A-Ah... Natalya!" Ivan said nervously as he waved at you. You ignored him and kept your eyes locked on the (h/c) haired male. You glared at him, but he just smiled back at you. He wasn't fazed at all. You continued scanning his features, his
:iconkaori-yuka:Kaori-Yuka 412 105




I'm an otaku. 'Nuff said.


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